Baton Rouge, LA - May 29th, 2020

Sara and Stephen's wedding weekend was one that I won't soon forget!! I had been looking forward to this day for over a year and a half now! Backstory... I went to high school with Stephen and he has been best friends with my husband since elementary school. When he met Sara at an LSU home game in 2015, not only did they hit it off right away but so did we!! It's crazy how fast Sara and I became friends and honestly it's hard to think back to a time I didn't know her. They dated for a few years and when Stephen was ready to pop the question, he called me to capture the moment. I WAS SO EXCITED, but also super nervous... I was new to photography, had this new fancy camera and lens (that literally was delivered the day that he was going to propose, I kid you not!), and I didn't want to miss anything! Stephen hid me in the back room while he prepared a "first day of school" date night dinner at the house. Sara is an elementary school teacher and LOVES sunflowers. Stephen had the perfect backyard dinner setup with candles, sunflowers, and music. He secretly texted me to let me know when they were outside and I took my hiding place in the window, peeping through the blinds with my camera. When the song "In Case You Didn't Know" came on, he got up and asked her to slow dance.... At this point, I started tearing up. Halfway through the song when he got down on one knee to ask her to be his wife, I was balling crying... to the point where I could barely see through my view finder to take the pictures!!! It was SUCH a beautiful moment. I am so grateful that these two met and get to spend forever with each other (and... bonus... you're both stuck with me too!!!)

Unfortunately, Covid-19 messed up their original wedding plans they had been planning for the past year and a half. Their bachelor and bachelorette trips were postponed, and the limitations on the number of people caused them to have a smaller, intimate church ceremony with only close family and friends. Although it wasn't what they planned for, it was still SO beautiful! The weather held out after not looking so good the week leading up to the day. Stephen's parents hosted a pool party reception afterwards to celebrate the new Mr. and Mrs! They decided it was best to have their big reception next year on their 1 year anniversary, and I can't wait to celebrate them again!! They deserve the best and I am blessed to called these two my best friends! Love you both so much, and thank you for letting me capture all these life-changing moments (proposal, engagements, bridals, wedding... can't wait for maternity and newborns someday in the future!! EKKKKK)

xoxo, Rachael

Vendor Team:

Photographer: Rachael B. Photography

Hair: Lynsey Duplechain

Makeup: Tori Jinks

Dress: Blush Formal and Bridal Salon

Florist: Ellie Melancon

Cake: Melissa Wempren

Jewelry: Chad Dupuis

Caterers: Tramontes and Jambalaya Shoppe

Ceremony: Most Blessed Sacrament

Reception: Home of Chad and Jaci Dupuis