Norco, LA - July 30, 2020

Catherine and Wyatt welcomed the most BEAUTIFUL baby girl on July 16th!! Lena Charlotte is just the sweetest little thing that I have ever seen! Big brown eyes, perfect skin, and such a bundle of joy to be around! I have a 4 month old son myself.. but since he is such a chunk, it's so hard for me to remember the times when he was THIS little!!!

I had so much fun capturing these special moments for this new family of three, and what a blessing God has given them. Catherine's friend, Sarah, actually gifted her this session for her baby shower, and I am SO glad she did! I hope you guys cherish these times forever and that these pictures are something you can look back on years from now to remind you how blessed you are! Our babies grow up way too fast! <3

xoxo, Rachael