Baton Rouge, LA - August 13, 2019

Life is an amazing thing. It is INSANE what a woman's body will go through during the pregnancy and birthing process. Needless to say, Kellie was SUCH a trooper as she labored all day. She was scheduled for an induction at 3:00am on Tuesday, August 13th. The first several hours of labor were long with little progress. As the day went on, Kellie slowly started to dilate more and more. At 9:02pm, a sweet little miracle was born into this beautiful world! Miss Kylie Jade weighed 8lbs 2 oz and was 20 inches long. Kellie was the first in her family to break the tradition of needing a c-section and was able to have a healthy delivery! Congratulations to mom, dad, and PROUD big brother Landon on your new addition!! <3