Baton Rouge, LA - February 28th, 2020

THIS girl!!! Jena is one of my volleyball players that I have had the honor of coaching the past four years. I have watched her grow from the little freshman that did not know much about the sport to the fine leader and amazing young woman she has become today. There's just something about Jena that lights up any room she walks in... her positive attitude, contagious smile, spiritual nature, selflessness... I could go on and on!!! Thank you for making my last year coaching so much fun! <3

Although this senior session was all smiles, I also know just how hard this time is for so many people, including Jena. In the chaos of COVID-19, it absolutely breaks me to see seniors being cheated from the best semester of their last year of high school.. Sports, prom, friends, memories, possibly graduation, etc. My heart hurts for all you guys, and I pray for some peace during these troubling times. No matter what, you are still the Class of 2020, and no one can take that away! Stay strong!

xoxo, Rachael